About Race Caddies

Why Race Caddies

  • Ride more & race better -  Enjoy a better warm-up and be mentally prepared by riding to your races.
  • Keep your party wheels special - Keep CX treads sharp and save delicate race wheels for show time.
  • Save money & gain time - Less petrol burned, less car-packing and more time doing what you love.
  • Build form efficiently - Add endurance riding around race efforts to optimise your training.
Fringe benefits include:   Retro charm, deference from competitors, double takes from bystanders and fun...

What makes Race Caddies work

  • Wheel compatibility - If you run standard quick release wheels (9mm QR spindles) you can use Race Caddies. We've not found a bike that they don't fit yet.
  • Tuned wheel position - just the right length and angle to keep your wheels out of your way and let you ride with confidence.
  • Simple fitting - Slotted to let your party wheels slide in and perfectly aligned in your dropouts by the location tabs - Race Caddies simply work, each and every time you need them.
  • Machined aluminium structureStiff enough to hold race wheels steady and strong enough to last a lifetime, not just a season. Light as well, but that isn't really a factor when you're carrying two extra wheels.

Where did race caddies come from?

I've raced since I was 15 and ridden for longer. I've ridden to races a lot and encouraged plenty of other people to do the same, because riding to races is fun. Sometimes I've risked it and ridden to events on my best wheels and sometimes I've raced on my training wheels, neither of those is perfect. Other times I've ridden with my wheels strapped to a fairly full backpack, which is just awful. Two years ago I decided to design an answer to the question:

"How can I ride to a race on my training wheels but race on my party wheels?"

Race Caddies are my answer.

Race Caddies are a modern version of a classic component of British racing folklore - the "sprint carrier". I didn't invent the idea behind Race Caddies, I made a modern better version that solves the fit and flexibility issues that the 1950s version had. If you'd like to ride to your events wearing black alpaca, then please feel free but don't feel obiged to on my account.

I've built a career as a chartered engineer and researcher in the aerospace industry and I've worked in the cycle trade for as long as I've raced bikes. Those skills have taken me through six generations of physical prototypes and a string of finite element models to transform Race Caddies from an idea into the product you see today. Every pair of Race Caddies is two years of evenings (nights) and weekends translated into aluminium so you can ride more and race better. Enjoy.